Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Michael Meade's new book, FATE AND DESTINY: Two Agreements of the Soul contains some concepts worth pondering. Here are three:
  • The limitations of family and fate form the inner threads from which our individual destiny must emerge.
  • Our greatest efforts in the world are intended to lead us to a treasure divinely seeded within us before birth.
  • God has only one question to ask you at the end of life: did you become yourself?
I am always a little queasy, frankly, at presuming what God has in mind, so I would reword the third piece:  There is only one question to ask at the end of life: did you become yourself?
I'm totally intrigued as a writer with the first, and so see this in my own experience. 
Finally, what a wonderful afternoon's brainstorm, art piece or collage: what has been divinely seeded within me? Just what my individual destiny look like? taste like? sound like?
A little food for thought on a sunny, snowy day. TIME OUT for inner concentration/play.
In Joy, Enjoy! 

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