Wednesday, June 26, 2013


How many of us have crystals on our dressers, or hanging around our necks or in our pockets? I confess to all of the above.
I became entranced with crystals through O'Shinnah Fastwolf, an Apache Theosophist in the early seventies. She was my mentor, and the first speaker for the crystal kingdom in this country. She taught other crystal healers who then wrote books and popularized crystal healing. I've been hooked on crystals, and other gemstones, a long time.
In the early eighties, my life led me to drive to Arizona once or twice a year. I stopped in all the rock shops on the way, as much for the lift in my etheric energy, as to take a break from driving. One shop caught my eye in southern Utah, and I pulled in. It was extremely dusty inside, crowded with numerous rocks and minerals, and a few quartz crystals. I asked the man if he had any "Herkimer Diamonds." Herkimers are from an area in New York (my birth state) and are noted for their clarity. Once you spot one, you'll remember their traits forever.
He was amused. "Only folks that ever ask me about crystals around here are Indians!" He said, shaking his head at my blond pony tail and blue eyes.  He rummaged around and eventually came up with a cottage cheese container. Out spilled hundreds of the beautiful small "diamonds," most with sharp terminations at both ends. This was beyond my wildest expectation. "How much?" I asked, certain I wouldn't be able to afford more than one or two. "Well, how would $5 for the whole lot be? I need to clean some of this stuff out." It was my cosmic lucky day apparently, because he could have asked $5 apiece for them. Now they sell for $50 each in Santa Fe.
I still have some of those brilliant babies, and have liberally spread them around to friends, in baby-bundles, and some are even buried in special places on the planet I want to return to. I feel protected and nurtured when I wear crystals. I have one specifically for traveling tucked in my "bathroom" bag.
I use them for healing as well, holding them in my hands in meditation, passing them through my energetic field when I'm in distress. I recently read the following: "Wearing crystals and using them in healing can shorten your visits to painful places and work through situations so that you can release the toxic vibrations and grow and evolve . Crystal healing reveals to you your greatness, that you are a divine multidimensional being." 
The only way to prove this is to experience it, although there is plenty of research about crystals' effects in the human energy field. They literally attract disturbing ions and therefore leave the field charged in a way that is most beneficial to our well being, somewhat like sitting next to a waterfall, or doing tai chi in a pine forest.
But don't take my word for it. Experiment with crystals yourself, or come in to see me. If you've been hauling around a lot of gunk, emotionally or physically, crystals might be your new best friend!   

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