Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As I write, rain is pouring down with peals of thunder rolling across the mountains. These are the
he-rains: rains that drench, carry a little hail this time of year, make my skylight leak, and test the nooks and crannies of inadequate shelters. They are an onslaught. What will follow are the
she-rains that barely move the leaves, that gather slowly along the little trenches in the garden, and moisturize gently and quietly, until even they have ceased, and the world is fresh and revitalized.

When folks come to TIME OUT, my approach is akin to she-rains: deep breathing, soft touch (if any), delicate scents, only the sweetest of sounds in an atmosphere of acceptance, and encouragement to let go of the confusion, indecision, and general noise of the daily world.

Some of you may not be familiar with Reiki which is a healing framework developed by a Japanese master healer for channeling Universal Life Energy, or Chi. The practitioner lays aside her own personality and thoughts, to allow chi to circulate through and around her, especially through her hands, either laying softly on the body, or slightly above. The result is the "relaxation response", a lessening of pain, and a realignment of one's energy and viewpoint.

Also helpful in TIME OUT are quartz crystals to magnify intention, and sound/vibrational work which help to loosen the rigid structures our thoughts can create. Compassionate listening in a non-judgemental and completely confidential environment also allows for deep sharing to access matters of the heart.


Rest, Relax, Remember


First session without charge

Subsequent sessions $30 or Trade

Star Jameson, BSW

Hamilton, MT

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